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Will the Real Charlie Lovett please stand up!!

Charlie Lovett is fun loving, full of passion, dedicated to the art and love of preparing quality coffee and fresh food items.

Everyone has a dream...
Charlie's dream is unique...


To make Charlie the person you want to be... the person you want to work with... in a place you'll love to be.

Our Values

Quality, Freshness and Value for money

With these values Charlie Lovett inspires the in-store teams. Charlie staff are hand-picked and trained to work with passion, integrity, dedication and excitability, as well to embrace open communication and flexibility to change. Our goal is to generate friends, not customers.

The best thing about Charlie is that it's not only a place where you get your lunch and a daily dose of caffeine. It's a place where you are treated as a friend, where you get a HUGE selection of fresh value products and will get addicted to the amazing atmosphere created by the passionate and dedicated staff.

From the franchisees point of view the incredible dedication and support from head office team whom no matter when or what you need are on hand ready to give us support.

It's not only a great business you are getting into, you a becoming part of an awesome group of people who care for you as if they were your own family.

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