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Taste and smell what makes us better than the rest.

We Roast It. We Serve It. You Lovett.

Roasted in store and aged to perfection. We do not serve our coffee until days 7-21 to maximize freshness.

We only use the highest grade of single origin estate coffee beans, which come in rare and limited quantities from all over the world including Columbia and Papua New Guinea.

We like to perfect our roast, and therefore roast in small batches at a time to ensure quality. We care for our coffee one bean at a time.

We like to practice what we preach. We adhere to strict coffee standards, and our in house training ensures the customer receives utmost perfection and consistency in terms of quality and flavour each time.

Why not chat to our barista next time you order a Charlie Lovett coffee. They can tell you about the single origin blends and advise you on what to expect. We don't profess to know everything there is to know about coffee in the world. We like to focus on what we know, and do what we do well and with love. Until Charlie's mission is achieved, we will keep learning and improving each day with a tear in our eye and a smile on our face.

Our Blend

Charlie Lovett is on a mission to create the world's sweetest coffee Charlie’s coffee shouldn’t need sugar to experience our full flavor and sexy sweetness. Ask in store to join the anti-bitterness league of Australia. Our blend is ultra high in grade, medium bodied, with a milk chocolate flavour which is fused with a citrusy zing to develop a balanced "sweet as" coffee.

Roasted Coffee

Single Origin

Single Origin is a term used when describing a coffee with a single known geographical origin. This is generally a single farm or a collection of beans from a single province or country.

We pay the highest price for the best quality single origin beans and roast them fresh in store as we believe It’s the only way to bring you the freshest, tastiest single origin coffee’s around.

Micro Lot

Within a coffee farm, Micro climates create a unique character and higher quality than the rest of the crop. This is due to elements such as shade, soil, temperature and altitude. The production is very small and adds to their unique quality and fetches higher prices.

Having a direct connection to the farmer helps us guarantee the quality of every last bean and provides our customer with the freshest boutique coffee possible.

Charlie's Personality

One of our ongoing commitments is to attempt to inspire and work with the funniest, most interesting barista personalities. This means that with every cup you will get a smile, a funny story, or at least a cheeky wink!