A History of Charlie

Charlie Lovett opened its first store on Sydney near Central Railway station in 2009. Roasting coffee and baking pastries on site it soon became a hit with locals, students and tourists alike. With an absolute focus on great coffee, excellent food and great customers service Charlie was soon being approached by its customers wanting their own Charlies.

So Who is Charlie Lovett?

Charlie Lovett is a unique coffee/bakery concept that sets itself apart from others by focusing on the quality and freshness of its food and beverages.

We roast our own coffee; offering our customers a wide range, including the award winning Charlie Lovett blend, Single Origin and specialty Micro Lots

We also bake our pastries in-store and prepare all of sandwiches and wraps to order, ensuring that our customers get the very freshest choice of food daily.

Charlie focuses on innovation, quality, and customer service and offers a solid operating model that has been purpose built to deliver financial results.

Charlie Lovett customers "Lovett" so much that we have customers who have become franchise owners simply because they believe in the product, in the business model, and Charlie.

For more information on Franchise opportunities please send us an e-mail to info@charlielovett.com.au, or Apply Now.